How to Quickly an Safely Reset your WordPress site

What is characteristic of most WordPress users is that we like to test the functionality of different plugins, to find the one that will suit us best. However, if we are not careful the number of plugins can grow and we will have too many plugins that we do not use, and this consumes server resources and significantly slows down our website. There is also the possibility of conflict between plugins, and we risk our website becoming non-functional. On some occasions, utilizing a WordPress redirection plugin can be the right move to make to transfer all of the data to a different site, but if you’d like to keep your online home intact, you have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Deleting one plugin at a time can take an eternity, but luckily there is a much better solution called WP Reset.

The WordPress reset plugin is a tool that allows you to delete most of the content of your website with a few clicks. Whether it’s deleting a complete database or just a theme, certain plugins, images, WP Reset will do a great job.

See what else WP Reset can do for you:

If you have WP Reset installed, you can easily test any plugin, change the content and try absolutely everything. Within the plugin you have the option to make a snapshot – a picture of a functional website, so if your testing goes wrong, you can restore the page to its previous state in just 3 clicks.

Do you have several different plugins that you always use? Why install them one by one? it is a waste of time. Simply, with the help of WP Reset plugin, create a collection and install and activate all plugins at once!

If you are afraid of “white screen of death” – the website does not respond, and you can`t log in. Do not worry. With WP Reset you have the ability to access a secure link, with which you will log in as an administrator and return the portal in a few clicks. The WP Reset Emergency Recovery tool does not depend on WP files and always works.

If you have installed a new theme and done import theme data, with WP Reset you can delete it all with a few clicks, and then fill the website with your content.

You can store all snapshots and plugins collections on the cloud. Users of the WP Reset Pro plugin have Cloud, Google drive and Dropbox at their disposal, so you don’t have to rely on your hosting.

WP Reset has the option to create automatic snapshots. With a few clicks, enable this powerful plugin to do automatic snapshots. They are stored in the cloud, so your website is secure 24/7.

If you administer multiple portals, and they all use different plugins and have different snapshots, WP Reset allows you to manage all portals from one central location. This way you will save a lot of time because you will be able to perform the complete administration for each portal separately from one admin panel.

Whether you are just entering the world of WordPress or you are an experienced WordPress user, WP Reset is definitely one of the plugins you should have. This plugin facilitates daily work, speeds up the process of installing the plugin, and the most important feature is that it keeps the website functional. There are 3 versions on offer. Agency – for 100 sites license is $ 149, Team – for 5 sites is $ 79 and Personal for only one site is $ 39. Definitely a low price for such a powerful tool.

Author: pokombo