Techniques to know if an online provider is reliable

If an entrepreneur is to make a purchase, it is important to know the reputation of the company that will provide the service and also contacts only the Professionals. Real site or fake site? It’s not always easy to surf the web. How to avoid scams and not see your bank account empty? We will explain the most important techniques to know if an online provider is reliable in this article.



One way to find out the background of a supplier company is to ask for references using online reviews from people who work in the same business. Try to collect experiences from other people, this will be very helpful for you to make a decision.

Check legal notifications

On a merchant site, legal notifications are mandatory. These consist of the name, contact details, and a number of the owner of the mentioned site. If you never find a “legal notice” page, run.

Https protocol

This is perhaps the first instinct you need to have when you reach a commercial site or a social network. To locate it, it’s simple, it’s in the first position in the search bar. The HTTPS protocol is even more important on payment pages. If the acronym HTTPS does not appear on the page, quit immediately, otherwise, you will be robbed.


It may sound silly and yet. A fake site will tend to have tons of spelling or grammar mistakes. It’s pretty easy to notice: just take a tour of the site mentioned. If you notice broken French, you know what to do.

Use of social networks

There are very useful for these cases. You can visit the provider’s Facebook and see what people think about the service they offer.


Literally “who is it? “Or” who is it? “. This service lets you know almost everything about a website. Therefore, this lets you know if the site you are visiting is real or a scam. And to use WHOIS, nothing could be Simply searching for “whois + site name.” I told you easily.

Be careful, if you ever find information through WHOIS, the site you are visiting is probably a fake one.

Compare prices!

If the price of the branded products is significantly lower than that charged by the brand owner, check on the brand’s official website if the online seller is an official reseller. The official website most often provides Internet users with a search engine that allows them to check if the site that the Internet user is about to order is a counterfeit site.

The quality of the seller’s site and the means of payment offered

If the overall look of the site does not look professional, for example, if it is filled with copies of logos from known payment systems. If it contains spelling errors, be very careful!

Also, check the payment methods used. As the only means of payment, many fraudulent sites offer money transfer systems that allow them to operate anonymously (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.). These money transfer systems are not recommended for strangers.

Author: pokombo